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Paul Loska Land Surveying

Competitive Advantages

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Competitive Advantages


Paul Loska Land Surveying has more than 70 collective years of land surveying and planning experience across a wide variety of industries, including municipal corporations, government and DOD organizations, engineering and development corporations. We guarantee that your land surveying project will be managed with professionalism, and that you will receive practical solutions from experts who understand your challenges and goals.


We understand that you value the resources you invest in your land surveying and planning projects, and we do everything possible to ensure your initiatives are finished on time and within budget. We focus on providing the best solutions for our clients’ needs based on the resources available and the end goal of the project.

Quality and Value-focused

Our job is done when you are satisfied with our work, and not a minute before. We’re committed to perfectionism, and come to the job site with an acute attention to detail. We work hard for our clients and more importantly, we work smart. From scheduling to fieldwork, our licensed professionals are passionately attentive to every task of a job to ensure we deliver the highest quality of work. We are committed to delivering exactly what you need, on time and within budget, providing an unmatched value in the industry.

Expertise (knowledgeable/licensed professionals)

Paul Loska Land Surveying is comprised of knowledgeable and licensed land surveying and planning professionals. We expect each employee to lead by example, and we hold them to very high standards. Our multi-capable land surveyors are very experienced in the land surveying industry, building a company culture of precision, hard work, and integrity.

Paul Loska Land Surveying is certified with the State of California as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), and Small Business Enterprise (SBE Certification #1008236).

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“I have been working with Paul Loska Surveying for several years and I have always found their work products above reproach. Paul has always been a pleasure to work with and timely with his work. I highly recommend him to all my colleagues when surveying services are needed.”
Deke Siren, Project Manager, Avocet Environmental, Inc.
“Our experience with Paul Loska Land Surveying, Inc. has always been positive, as they have proven to be reliable, efficient and precise. Paul truly has integrity and stands by his work, and we will certainly team-up with him again in the future.”
Jason Evans, Principal Engineer, Terramar Consulting Engineers

Paul Loska Land Surveying Inc. Case Studies

Case Studies

Tehachapi-Project-300x199Southern California Edison, PAR Electric, Inc. CRUX Subsurface, Inc. (2012-present)

Paul Loska Land Surveying is the sole source for all environmental, grading and tower foundation layout for segments 6, 8 & 11. This project consists of many of the same requirements performed on the Sunrise Powerlink Project. Our company will also generate Tower Staking Sheets from specific stub angle drawings as supplied by Southern California Edison for segment 11 through the varied and difficult terrain found in the Angeles National Forest.

Estimated project value $2.1 billion.

EITP-ProjectSouthern California Edison, PAR Electric, Inc. (2012-Present)

Responsibilities included 35 miles of overhead transmission lines and towers connecting the Eldorado substation in Nevada to the green energy generated at the Ivanpah Solar Electric generating plant in Southern California. Paul Loska Land Surveying (P.L.L.S.) was the sole source for surveying on this project providing surveying services for all other subcontractors from grading crews constructing roads and pads to environmental monitors to foundation and tower erecting companies. P.L.L.S. also served as the liaison between SCE’s G.I.S. department and the construction companies providing topographic maps and plats to be issued for construction.

Project value $484 million.

Devers-Case-Study-300x112SCE, PAR Electric, Inc. (2011-present)

Responsibilities included 153 miles of overhead transmission lines connecting renewables from the Colorado River Substation to the Inland Valley. P.L.L.S. performed the layout for the grading crews constructing new access roads and building pads along this alignment. Despite difficult terrain, high winds and triple digit temperatures, our field survey crews continue to perform exemplary services. Project value $944.8 million.

Sunrise-Project1-300x258San Diego Gas & Electric, PAR Electric, Inc. (2010-2012)

Responsibilities included providing survey layout for approximately 350 overhead transmission line towers. The layout involved grade staking for roads, crane pads and pull-tension sites as well as providing CAD support for five 2-man field crews. This project also involved numerous biological and environmental training classes and layout of environmentally sensitive site boundaries. Our company provided layout for the tower legs and reference points to enable drilling and concrete installation of the lattice tower legs as well. Many of the sites were accessible by helicopter only and the entire staff received the necessary training for transporting personnel and equipment via helicopter and utilized this method of transport many times. The project required constant coordination with PAR grading crews, helicopter flight schedules and office personnel. None of the numerous contractors requiring survey support ever had to wait for staking or layout.

PtLomaFuelFarm-ortho1-159x300Burns & McDonnell Eng., Inc. (2006-2012)

Responsibilities included topographic surveying and mapping of over 200 acres on an existing port fueling facility for the design and construction of a new fuel tank farm. The standards for this project required detailed documentation of unique above and below ground piping and storage facilities of active and abandoned infrastructure placed by various construction projects throughout the past 100 plus years. Over 350 manholes and vault structures alone were detailed in completing the topographic map for this project. Construction staking for this project consisted of 1-2 full time 2-man survey crews beginning in September of 2009 and completed in May 2012.

Project value $200 million.

Viejas-Casino-and-Outlet-Center-Case-Study-Photo-300x144Viejas Casino and Outlet Center Case Study Willows Rd., Alpine, CA. (1996-2010)

Responsibilities included layout for the relocation of Viejas Creek, numerous casino expansions, over 200,000 feet of retail outlet center space with approximately 40 acres of parking, over 50 miles of sewer and water infrastructure, pump stations and a sewer treatment plant. Mr. Loska was responsible for the AutoCAD mapping and layout of several master planned subdivisions consisting of 125 new homes with complete grading, road and utility infrastructure plans. Mr. Loska has also conducted boundary surveys of the existing reservation and adjacent fee parcels acquired by the Tribal Government. Project value $750 million.

North-Island-Naval-Project-224x300Burns & McDonnell Eng., Inc. (2007)

Responsibilities included detailed topographic surveying and CAD mapping of all above and below ground features for the design and construction of a new aircraft taxi way and hangar. This project required extensive documentation of all topographic features as well as research of all existing utility maps. The detailed topographic map was then used for design and layout of the new taxi way and hangar. The final field survey was conducted on an active flight line and required strict survey quality control and layout standards as well as planning and communication with aircraft control towers.

Project value $42 million.

Operation-Desert-Storm-Project-300x168United States Marine Corp (1987-1991.)

Responsibilities included managing the surveying operations of four, two man survey crews consisting of eight Marines while providing accurate survey control for three artillery batteries often under hostile and hurried conditions. Utilization of G.P.S. instruments and the ability to solve problems in less than ideal conditions were mandatory job requirements.